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Melanie is a fourth-year undergraduate at Carleton University, currently majoring in geography with a minor in Archaeology. After completion of her bachelor of arts, she aspires to continue into a master of archaeology. With Melanie's current education she has knowledge of soil analysis, basic archaeological site practices, GIS systems and geographic processes.

Currently, Melanie is the Carleton University Representative for the Archaeological Institute of America Ottawa Branch, helping organize, run and plan events.  Furthermore, she is hoping in the future to obtain more experience in the archaeological field and volunteer as much as possible.

Emily is a first-year student at Carleton University in Ottawa. After completing her college education, she is working towards an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a major in Greek and Roman studies, and a minor in Archaeology; she hopes this will lead to an MA and eventually to a PhD. Emily is passionate about the world of antiquities and the time that came before us; she hopes to get hands-on experience by working on some of CARO's excavation projects.

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Olivia is in the final year of her undergraduate degree at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She is majoring in Geomatics with a double minor in Archaeology and Greek and Roman Studies. Her interests lie in the applications of remote sensing and GIS applications in archaeology and urban planning. Olivia’s primary interest is in zooarchaeology and is currently looking into various master's programs in archaeology and urban planning. She is fascinated in the connections from the past and their applications in the modern-day city, and how past practices can lead to cleaner and greener cities.

Evelyn is a first year student majoring in history at Carleton University. She is planning to declare archaeology as a minor in her second year, and expand her knowledge on the subject as much as possible with the hope of pursuing an MA in archaeology in the future. She is also passionate about geography and is planning to incorporate this into her degree to complement her knowledge. Currently, Evelyn’s primary goal is to participate in her first dig at some point in the near future, when possible.

Maria (Mia) is a second-year student at Carleton University. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Women/Gender Studies and is minoring in both Greek/Roman Studies and Archaeology. She aims to eventually get on track to receiving a Doctorate in Anthropological Archaeology. She has been invited to join the excavation crew in Mochlos, Crete for the length of the 2021 summer dig season. She is hoping to gain as much experience, and spend as much time in the field, as possible. She is also incredibly fascinated with maritime archaeology and hopes to eventually get a diving certificate.

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