al-Moubarkeh Tower located west of Submerged Jetty. Tyre, Lebanon

PWGSC Investigation Project

Sponsors Thutmose III Temple Project

Canadian Archaeological 

Research Organization

Thutmose III, Luxor, Egypt

A sampling of CARO members' projects 

  • Thutmose III, Luxor, Egypt
    • Under the leadership of Dr. Myriam Seco Álvarez of Spain, the excavation and restoration of the Temple of Millions of Years of the Pharaoh Thutmose III began in 2008. CARO's CEO Dr. Ibrahim Noureddine has been active on this project since its inception. More...

  • Canada's Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Canada 
    • Barrack Hill site consists of several buildings used by the British Royal Engineers from 1827-1858. This Public Works projects is gaining significant attention. Watch the interview by Canada's national broadcaster the CBC with CARO board member Stephen Jarrett​​ on May 18, 2019. Link to CBC news article and video.

  • ​Phoenician Harbour at Tyre, Lebanon
    • ​​In the 60s Honor Frost initiated investigations of harbour installations off the coast of Tyre. It was under her mentorship that the first underwater investigation took place in 2001 by Dr. Ibrahim Noureddine and el Hélou. More...